Graduate Students



Simone Halliday, M.A.
Developmental Psychology Doctoral Student
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Susan Calkins
B.A., Psychology, Bryn Mawr College
M.S., Psychology, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Research Experience: From 2008-2010, Simone worked for UC Berkeley and WestEd, where she researched a mathematics intervention for low-income preschoolers. She was also a lab manager at Duke University, where she managed a lab studying the development of numerical cognition.

Research Interests: How emotional, cognitive, and psychobiological processes interact during early childhood to influence school adjustment and success.

In her free time, Simone enjoys cooking, traveling and spending time with her friends, husband and two cats, Stanley and Penelope.



Selin Zeytinoglu, M.S.
Human Development and Family Studies Doctoral Student
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Susan Calkins
M.S., Clinical Community Counseling, Johns Hopkins University

Research Experience: Selin worked with Drs. Melissa Libertus and Lisa Feigenson at Johns Hopkins University on a longitudinal study on children’s cognitive development

Research Interests: The investigation of the dynamic interactions between psychobiological, emotional, and cognitive components of self-regulation and understanding how these processes may vary as a function of culture.

In her spare time, Selin enjoys running, playing tennis, and traveling within and outside the country.



Previous STAR Graduate Students


Angel Dunbar, Ph.D.


Postdoctoral Associate  
African American Studies Department 
University of Maryland


Lindsey Gedaly, M.S.


Ph.D. Student
Human Development and Family Studies Department 
University of North Carolina at Greensboro