Guilford County Schools

For children age 3 and over, the school districts conduct evaluations for free. They screen children for speech delays and developmental delays. If a delay is identified, they will schedule you for further evaluation and services.

For Guilford County:

Link to GCS Evaluations Webpage

A crucial role of a school psychologist is conducting psychoeducational evaluations in order to assist in determining a student’s eligibility for Exceptional Children’s services in Guilford County Schools. School Psychologists conduct both initial and re-evaluations to determine eligibility utilizing criteria established by North Carolina’s Policies Governing Services for Children with Disabilities. Some school psychologists in GCS have additional training and expertise enabling them to conduct evaluations for students who may have traumatic brain injury. A team of GCS school psychologists perform play-based assessments when evaluating students of preschool age.

Psychological Services Office:
4830 Pleasant Garden Road
Pleasant Garden, NC, 27313

For children who are elementary age, the school conducts assessments for free. They screen children for delays, and if a delay is identified, they will schedule you for further evaluation and services. 
For Guilford County:
Link to GCS Assesments Webpage
The GCS Assessment Department works with schools, teachers and staff from across the district and beyond to find the best ways to track student progress. Assessments are essentially tests, quizzes or other measures designed to monitor how well a student is doing, whether he understands the material, and whether he is achieving as well as he should. In addition to developing assessments, the department trains and provides other support to staff to ensure they are using all tools available in the best way possible. It’s all part of GCS’ goal to provide personalized instruction to every student.
Assessment Department:
501 W. Washington St.
Greensboro, NC 27401
336-370-2383Call: 336-370-2383